The Catholic University of America is home to a diverse population of students, welcoming all who seek to explore the relationship between faith and reason. See below for some fast facts about our commUNITY.


Undergraduate 3,572
Graduate 3,127

Religious Affiliation

Percent of students who identify as Catholic

Undergraduate 79%
Graduate 58%

Geographic Distribution of New Students

South Atlantic 19%
South Central 2%
Middle Atlantic 53%
New England 8%
North Central 5%
Pacific and Mountain 4%
Foreign Countries 7%
Foreign Countries Represented 83


Numer of living Alumni 88,576

Geographic Distribution of Alumni

Alumni live in all 50 states and 154 foreign countries, the largest concentration is close to The Catholic University of America

Maryland 23%
Virginia 16%
Washington D.C 8%
New York 7%
Pennsylvania 6%
New Jersey 5%